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Congratulations, you've stumbled across the premier (well, yes, only) site on the PNet, bringing you critical survival info and news 24/7 (24 days a month, 7 months a year, if you're lucky).

How this shit works (now)

I cribbed some NASA code for delay-tolerant networking, and grafted it to the most virulent polymorphic hardware/OS-agnostic virus I could come up with, then started broadcasting it and spiking it into the occasional satellite feed I could hijack.

If you're reading this, it means the device you're using has been infected and you saw the Time's Up icon/link/app button it automatically adds. First: Don't shit yourself. Yes, it's based on malware, but this is the friendliest virus you ever saw - not only is it bringing you very helpful info and sporadic contact with other survivors, but it's doing it in such a way as to minimize the storage/bandwidth/power usage to whatever is appropriate for your device. Even if you're only using it as a flashlight at this point, the idea here is to give you *more* survival tools, not fuck up the ones you already have. So trust me, this thing plays nice and will *not* fuck your system up, unless you try to mess with it.

Site updates (or incoming/outgoing posts, if you use the forums) come whenever you happen to get in range of another infected device, or tap a satellite feed (which generally happens at least once every 48 hours, depending on where in the world you are). Remember, you will *not* have an interactive connection - do not expect quick replies to PNet email or forum posts - it's all just sitting on your system until you get some connection, then it hands it off, and then it's only on *that* system until it finds another, and so on, and so on. So be patient.

Recent News

Zippidy-Do-Dah Jun 2021

Infection - What We Know updated (pucker your lips kids, whistling is okay).

Last Enclave Falls Mar 2021

As you may know from previous news, we stopped advertising the locations of enclaves last year, when the writing was on the wall that that sort of community just wasn't defensible or sustainable long-term.

Well, we were right - I just got word that the Montana enclave has broken up into about a dozen warring factions - half of them are fighting it out, half are spreading in different directions, and their defense perimeter is non-existent, so Infected are going to make everything moot anyway. That was the last of the Civilizationist hold-outs, and my hat is off to them for making it last as long as they did, but the world has fundamentally changed - if it weren't for Collapse maybe things would be different, but the only winner now seems to be the nomadic lifestyle - accept reality, or face the consequences.

Yes, retards, Collapse is still an issue Oct 2020

An enclave in North Dakota apparently got worried enough about the coming winter to decide some substantial shelter would be worth the risk - or maybe they just thought "enough time had passed".

To their credit, they managed to get around 10 whole cabins finished before Collapse hit them, and only five people were killed (four from injuries, one from a subsequent infection).

Let me make this clear, kids - if you find a pre-FP structure that's still up, great! Apparently it's not on Santa's Naughty List, so fortify the fuck out of it and settle in. But trying to "rebuild society" is an enormous waste of energy and resources. Cut that shit out, K? If you don't like the climate, migrate.


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Old News Highlights

The Only Game in Town 4/18/2020

Well, it was bound to happen. About a month ago, the lack of regular maintenance brought down the rest of SNet, so the Internet is effectively no more. RIP, lolcats, we hardly knew ye.

But wait...this is a website! WTF? If you're reading this, it means that my kludgy experimental bastard child of delay-tolerant networking and virulent malware has worked - welcome to the PNet (Peer-Net, or Post-Net, haven't really decided). Updates are going to be much slower, no more images, essentially no "real-time/interactive" connections. But we'll be here as long as electrons (or holes, really) keep flowing, and Wi-anything keeps radiating.

Collapse 11/03/2019

Seriously, are you shitting me? If you're reading this and don't know, go turn on any channel whatsoever and take a look. The world is *literally* falling down around our ears. Live vid links below.


This is really fucking happening, an actual 'zombie' (or whatever) apocalypse. If you're some shut-in, and retarded to boot, *no* it is not just a massive flashmob prank. This is real. Loads of vid links below. But don't waste time watching vids - get your shit together and figure out where you want to hole up, because things are going to get worse before they get better, kids!

Rage Virus for Realz? 09/28/2019

As you probably already heard via the SNet or intarwebs, today a few apparently unrelated people went bat-shit crazy and started killing people. Just in case the world is actually about to end, I figured I'd put up a site to catalogue the horror! Pics and vid below the break.