Game Mechanics - Resourceful

Resourceful is a roll up of the skills necessary to locate equipment and materials from your surroundings and in the Source game world. Unlike most skills, Resourceful does not require Tests to be made - your average success is assumed from your Level.

Depot Increase

There will be some amount of areas or events in game that will be referred to as "Supply Depots". These, unlike places in game where you may pick up an item or two, will have significant caches of supplies. This may be a forgotten cellar, an abandoned shipping crate, or even a building that evaded Collapse. Each of these Supply Depots will have a chart assigned to them by the GMs. There will be more supplies present in each Depot directly corresponding to the cumulative level of Resourceful that is present when the Depot is located and searched. If a low-Resourceful group finds a pallet of supplies, there may only be 60 bullets, a suit of composite armor, and 1 dose of CRF, while a high-Resourceful group finding the same pallet may end up with 120 bullets, 3 suits of composite armor, and 5 doses of CRF.
It behooves characters with a high level of Resourceful to be ranging for supplies.

BGA Gathering

During the BGA period, a Resourceful character may gather an amount of gear from the standard chart equal to their "Resourceful" rating. This is subject to change as circumstances and plot dictates.