Game Mechanics - Skills - Intrusion

Intrusion is an abstract of the ability to defeat physical security mechanisms, including locks and security devices. Any object or area which is has an Intrusion rating cannot be entered or opened without the completion of a Intrusion Challenge. Once open, the intruder may choose to reset or disable the intrusion prevention mechanisms, thereby leaving the area/object protected or unprotected when they are finished. Typically, Intrusion Challenges will be Game Specific, and the details of that challenge will be provided at that challenge. Intrusion Challenges are more likely than most other Challenges to have failure consequences.

Escape Bonds

To escape bonds takes 15 minutes of unobserved time or 30 minutes of time under observation. After the allotted time, the bound character makes an Intrusion Skill Test, and if successful, they are no longer bound. A failed test means the timer starts over and another test can be made after another appropriate time period. Being free from bonds does not prevent the character from being rebound if they are caught, but until a character who has escaped takes an action, their captors will not notice that they are no longer bound. Very substantial bonds may represent a formal Challenge, for which details will be provided should this occur.