Character Creation - Equipment

Type Common (1 level) Uncommon (2 levels) Rare (3 levels)
CRF CRF (1 dose) CRF (3 doses) CRF Device, CRF (5 doses)
Ammo 10 pellets 20 pellets 40 pellets
Melee Weapons Improvised Melee[1] (wooden baseball bat, rebar, sturdy stick (short) ) Adequate Melee[2] (sword, machete, fire axe, aluminum baseball bat, traffic sign pole, pole-arm, quarterstaff) Superior Melee[3] (Greentec[4] Tazer (2 charges), sledgehammer, "Reinforced" Adequate Melee)
Firearms Handgun/Hunting Rifle Shotgun/Automatic Weapon
Armor Simple Composite Modern
Shields Small/Medium (garbage can lid, stop sign) Big-ish/shaped (car door, kite shield) Riot Shield
Food Dry Goods MRE's, Meat Resources (1 - with Hunting/Trapping) Fresh Fruit, Meat Resources (1)
Trade Goods Candy Greentec[4] Media Player, Alcohol Books


1. Improvised melee is any item that was not originally intended as a weapon or particularly suited for it but you could reasonably use consistently/effectively without your arm(s) getting completely tired, and isn't likely to fall apart or break in the short term but also isn't of particularly high quality and might not last forever.

2. Adequate melee is an item actually built for combat, or an improvised item of better quality/utility.

3. Superior melee is an item which has some special utility beyond durability (Tazer does 5 points of stamina damage + Trip + Immobilize (5-10 seconds), Sledgehammer allows one use of either Break or Knockback by sacrificing a Stamina Point, a "Reinforced" weapon can ignore one "Break" effect between repairs)

4. A Greentec item is one which would normally require non-renewable power, but which has been engineered to effectively "self-recharge".